Otis Redding’s “Deepest Soul” Explored on New Concept Album

By The Second Disc, on 17 Jan, 2013

When is a lost album not a lost album? In the case of Lonely and Blue: The Deepest Soul of Otis Redding, the answer is, “when the album has been... Read More

Grammy Time: Music’s Biggest Night Honored with Annual Compilation

By The Second Disc, on 15 Jan, 2013

We’re just a few weeks from the 55th Annual Grammy Awards – or as I like to call it, “how many times can my music geek friends and I make... Read More

Release Round-Up: Week of January 15

By The Second Disc, on 15 Jan, 2013

New Order, The Lost Sirens (Rhino) (Amazon U.S./Amazon U.K.) A cadre of outtakes from the Waiting for the Siren’s Call sessions, this marks the last New Order material with original bassist Peter Hook. Johnny Mathis,... Read More

Pancho and Lefty, Redux: Unheard Townes Van Zandt Coming from Omnivore

By The Second Disc, on 27 Nov, 2012

Though his 1972 album was entitled The Late Great Townes Van Zandt, that description wasn’t quite true until New Year’s Day, 1997, when a life of hard living caught up... Read More

Release Round-Up: Week of November 13

By The Second Disc, on 13 Nov, 2012

The Beatles, Stereo Vinyl Box Set (Capitol/EMI) The Fab Four’s 2009 stereo remasters have been painstakingly pressed on vinyl. The whole box set will set you back considerably, but you can get... Read More

Short Takes, Early 2013 Watch: Jackson 5 Get Animated, Talk Talk Rarities, Zeppelin Redux?

By The Second Disc, on 05 Nov, 2012

What, you thought the renewed interest in the Led Zeppelin catalogue would end with the release of Celebration Day? Jimmy Page recently revealed in an interview with MOJO (excerpted by NME) that... Read More

More “Essentials” Arrive From Jefferson Airplane and Starship, Martina, Run-D.M.C., Incubus

By The Second Disc, on 30 Oct, 2012

Tomorrow might be Halloween, but there’s nothing scary about Legacy Recordings’ four latest additions to the Essential series roster!  Today sees the release of career-spanning anthologies from a diverse group... Read More

Review: The Jackson 5, “Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls”

By The Second Disc, on 26 Sep, 2012

Be honest: when Michael Jackson died, you probably expected a lazy river of material from the catalogue labels that govern his catalogue – both Legacy Recordings, which control Jackson’s adult... Read More

Review: The Knack, “Rock and Roll is Good for You: The Fieger/Averre Demos”

By The Second Disc, on 12 Sep, 2012

Before there was The Knack, there was Doug Fieger and Berton Averre.  The former was a Detroit native and a member of the band Sky, the latter a working musician... Read More

Review: “A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection”

By The Second Disc, on 06 Sep, 2012

On its surface, it seems kind of crazy to make a compilation of tunes from A&M Records. There are plenty of labels with clearer narrative arcs: Columbia was a hotbed... Read More

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