Wire Not Withered

By Jeremy Shatan, on 06 Apr, 2013

A short while ago, I posted a review of Parquet Courts in concert and called it "Buzz Buzz In Your Eardrum," after the Wire song Eardrum Buzz from 1989. Anyone... Read More

Bowie: Where Is He Now?

By Jeremy Shatan, on 24 Mar, 2013

When I was 16 I discovered both David Bowie and Burning Spear. I remember writing to a friend that Spear made me feel grounded, at one with the earth, while... Read More

John Mayer Leverages Social Networking

By Edward Jennings, on 18 Mar, 2013

John Mayer is on the mend and will be announcing this week his Born & Raised Tour 2013 plans. John Mayer, his technical management team are collaborating with Billboard.Biz to hosting... Read More

Crossing Into Night: Dinnerstein & Merritt

By Jeremy Shatan, on 16 Mar, 2013

Simone Dinnerstein stunned the world of classical music in 2007 when her self-produced recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations shot to the top of the Billboard chart. Wherever her version ultimately... Read More

Sly Stone: Funky 7-0

By Jeremy Shatan, on 15 Mar, 2013

To my mind, there are three overwhelming geniuses of funk in the history of music: James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton. All of them are among my favorite artists... Read More

Music Journalism A-Z – Scott Yanow

By Edward Jennings, on 26 Feb, 2013

Scott Yanow Scott Yanow is a prolific American jazz historian and journalist. He is known for his many contributions to the Allmusic Website (See Scott’s Biography and Desert Island selections). He has written ten books on jazz... Read More

Music Journalists A-Z – Additional Authors

By Edward Jennings, on 25 Feb, 2013

I have looked high and low for a music journalist whose last name begins with X. I could not find anyone. David Byrne speaking at the 2006 Future of Music... Read More

Music Journalism A-Z – Paul Williams

By Edward Jennings, on 24 Feb, 2013

Paul Williams Paul Williams is the Father of Rock Criticism. He created the first magazine of pop music criticism and rock culture, Crawdaddy!, when he was a seventeen year-old college student. I loved... Read More

Classicism: Possibilities and Pitfalls

By Jeremy Shatan, on 24 Feb, 2013

The Free Dictionary defines classicism as "a term that, when applied generally, means clearness, elegance, symmetry, and repose produced by attention to traditional forms." Just as in other art forms,... Read More

Music Journalism A-Z – Aidin Vaziri

By Edward Jennings, on 23 Feb, 2013

Aidin Vaziri I love to cultivate new music influences. One benefit in blogging this series is to learn more about music journalists I have not experienced yet like Aidin Vaziri.... Read More

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