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Wire Not Withered

By Jeremy Shatan, on 06 Apr, 2013

A short while ago, I posted a review of Parquet Courts in concert and called it "Buzz Buzz In Your Eardrum," after the Wire song Eardrum Buzz from 1989. Anyone... Read More

Jessie Ware Is Everywhere

By Edward Jennings, on 27 Mar, 2013

Jessie Ware is everywhere. The word ingenue comes to mind when I hear her sing. Her début album Devotion a top seller in 2012 is being re-released on April 15th with the addition of... Read More

Nederpop, Music of the Hague

By Edward Jennings, on 24 Mar, 2013

The year was 1970. The group was Shocking Blue, Dutch musicians from The Hague with a #1 US Hit on February 7, 1970 “Venus“. I remember attending Career Academy Broadcasting... Read More

Bowie: Where Is He Now?

By Jeremy Shatan, on 24 Mar, 2013

When I was 16 I discovered both David Bowie and Burning Spear. I remember writing to a friend that Spear made me feel grounded, at one with the earth, while... Read More

Pink Floyd 40th Anniversary, Unite to Darken the Moon

By Edward Jennings, on 21 Mar, 2013

Wow has it been 40 years already since the release of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? I remember well March 17, 1973 when that recording debuted (US release... Read More

Rod Stewart – Time

By Edward Jennings, on 20 Mar, 2013

Rod Stewart was the first British Rock lead vocalist I ever saw in concert. I saw Rod Stewart as lead vocalist for The Jeff Beck Group on July 3, 1969.... Read More

Greg Lake, Autobiography:Lucky Man & CD:Songs of a Lifetime

By Edward Jennings, on 19 Mar, 2013

Greg Lake has a wonderful voice with memorable inflection and hauntingly wonderful tonality. He is a vital vocal energy in the music of our heart. Lucky Man – Autobiography I... Read More

John Mayer Leverages Social Networking

By Edward Jennings, on 18 Mar, 2013

John Mayer is on the mend and will be announcing this week his Born & Raised Tour 2013 plans. John Mayer, his technical management team are collaborating with Billboard.Biz to hosting... Read More

Inside Llewyn Davis and Dave Van Ronk

By Edward Jennings, on 17 Mar, 2013

Yesterday I blogged about the six week music education series Rhapsodic City: Music of New York presented by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. It just so... Read More

Crossing Into Night: Dinnerstein & Merritt

By Jeremy Shatan, on 16 Mar, 2013

Simone Dinnerstein stunned the world of classical music in 2007 when her self-produced recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations shot to the top of the Billboard chart. Wherever her version ultimately... Read More

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