Holiday Gift Guide Review: R.E.M., “Document: 25th Anniversary Edition”/Various Artists, “Athens, GA. – Inside/Out”

By The Second Disc, on 19 Dec, 2012

Even a year after R.E.M.’s sudden dissolution last fall, it’s hard not to be enthralled by their music and their message. Even before they said goodbye, their discography was a... Read More

Review: Five from The Steve Miller Band (1968-1970), Reissued on Edsel

By The Second Disc, on 23 Oct, 2012

The 1968 debut of the Steve Miller Band begins with a shattering cacophony, followed by an acoustic strum emerging like a beacon of light amidst the darkness and clatter.  The... Read More

Review: Old 97′s, “Too Far to Care: Expanded Edition”

By The Second Disc, on 12 Oct, 2012

Was it rock and roll?  Was it country and western?  By 1997, Rhett Miller and his Old 97’s were, well, Too Far to Care.  As Miller recalls in his liner... Read More

Review: The Beatles, “Magical Mystery Tour” on Blu-ray and DVD

By The Second Disc, on 11 Oct, 2012

“Paul said ‘Look I’ve got this idea’ and we said ‘great!’ and all he had was this circle and a little dot on the top – that’s where we started,”... Read More

Review: The Beach Boys Remasters, Part One: “50 Big Ones: Greatest Hits”

By The Second Disc, on 09 Oct, 2012

We’re continuing our series of in-depth features dedicated to America’s band, The Beach Boys, and the various projects that have kept the group occupied throughout 2012!  Today, as the Boys... Read More

Review: The Jackson 5, “Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls”

By The Second Disc, on 26 Sep, 2012

Be honest: when Michael Jackson died, you probably expected a lazy river of material from the catalogue labels that govern his catalogue – both Legacy Recordings, which control Jackson’s adult... Read More

Review: Michael Jackson, “BAD 25″

By The Second Disc, on 18 Sep, 2012

Well, they say the sky’s the limit and to me, that’s really true…But, my friend, you have seen nothing!  Just wait ‘til I get through… Those words would likely have... Read More

Review: Emerson, Lake and Palmer, “Emerson, Lake and Palmer” and “Tarkus” Expanded Editions

By The Second Disc, on 13 Sep, 2012

Ooh, what a lucky man I am!  Chances are you will be, too, if you’ve been anticipating the just-launched series of deluxe reissues from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, available now from... Read More

Review: The Knack, “Rock and Roll is Good for You: The Fieger/Averre Demos”

By The Second Disc, on 12 Sep, 2012

Before there was The Knack, there was Doug Fieger and Berton Averre.  The former was a Detroit native and a member of the band Sky, the latter a working musician... Read More

Review: “A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection”

By The Second Disc, on 06 Sep, 2012

On its surface, it seems kind of crazy to make a compilation of tunes from A&M Records. There are plenty of labels with clearer narrative arcs: Columbia was a hotbed... Read More

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